Christmas Book List 2018

Hi everybody. If ya can’t tell, IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!! Which means Christmas List’s, but instead of toys and games, we’re gonna make a Christmas Book List! (Cause I am obsessed with reading…)

I have ten books that I think are perfect to buy someone this year. I have three for girls, three for boys, and four for everyone. (Although, I have read all these books, and I’m a girl; sooooo I guess you could read what ever you want off this list.)

For the amazing girls I suggest:

10. A Time to Die
This is a really good book that teaches about growing with God, but it can get very violent at times so younger girls may not enjoy it.

9. A Place of Voices
This book has a Narnia feel to it, with talking animals, learning about God and it even has some magic. Plus it’s kid-friendly and would be a fun family book too.

8. Keeper of the Lost Cities
This book is kid-friendly and very fun. It has adventure, magic and is one of my all time favorite series; and a must-have for young girls.

Now for the awesome boys, I have:

7. Spy School
This is one hilarious book and I love to re-read it sooooo much. This book is a series and it is the prefect book for younger and maybe older boys.

6. Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie
This book is amazing and I loved reading it soooooo much. Though it can get really sad at parts, I think this would be a great book for Christmas.

5. Restart
This is one amazing book and I do think girls would enjoy it too. This book was funny, awesome and I think lots of boys would enjoy it too.

And now the four books for anyone and everyone:

4. Rouge One – Star Wars
I loved this book soooooo much, though it does have some mild cursing that was not in the movie. This book is AMAZING!!! But it may not be a kids book, it’s more of a teen book… mainly because of the mild language.

3. Hatchet
This book is awesome. And I think it is kid-friendly, adventurous and… just… AMAZING! The book is about survival, but there isn’t a lot of blood so I think kids could read it too.

2. Prince Warriors
This book is about kids learning of to use the Armor of God… WHICH IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME!!! The book is very kid-friendly even though the kids are battling monster-like-creatures; and I think any kid would love to read this.

And now the number one book for kids, teens, and even adults…

1. The Chronicles of Narnia
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I have read all seven books once and it is just plain AMAZING!!!! This book is the prefect Christmas gift to anyone! Kids love to read it, adults love to read it; I think I just found the best fiction book in the world!!! This book is also the perfect book to read as a family, or even by yourself. I think this is the number one book for Christmas and that you should all read it now!

I hope this Christmas Book List was some help, and that you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

– The Young Llama Reader

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