A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes

Young Llama Thoughts
  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.5 Llamas


This book is life changing. Totally christian friendly, appropriate for youth, and involves adventure. How could you not want to read it?

It’s about a young girl learning about God, surviving against all odds, and helping her world. Now this is a survival book, so it will have wild animals and random people in the woods, and that usually includes blood. If your not comfortable with blood, then you may not wish to read this book.

Over all, this is a pretty incredible book. If you are just getting into christian books, this is a must-read.


  • Youth appropriate
  • Female heroine
  • Faith friendly
  • Great story


  • Some violence (but carefully worded)

Out of Time Book 1

How would you live if you knew the day you’d die?

Parvin Blackwater believes she has wasted her life. At only seventeen, she has one year left according to the Clock by her bedside. In a last-ditch effort to make a difference, she tries to rescue Radicals from the government’s crooked justice system.

But when the authorities find out about her illegal activity, they cast her through the Wall — her people’s death sentence. What she finds on the other side about the world, about eternity, and about herself changes Parvin forever and might just save her people. But her clock is running out.

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