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This is a REALLY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!! I HIGHLY suggest it to everyone. I have read this book twice now, and I will be buying it ’cause it is a really, REALLY, good book (I know I have said this a lot, but it’s a really good book).

The book is about a bully losing his memory and relearning… everything. It’s such a touching story. I cried, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It can get a little bit… I don’t want to say violent, but it is about a bully sooooooo… ya know. The bullies in the book terrorize some kids, but not like in a horrible way, not that bullying isn’t horrible – it is. Just in the book, the bullying is not too bad.

Over all, I LOVE THIS BOOK SOOOOOO MUCH!!! PLEASE READ IT! This is a realistic story, and a great kid and teen (and maybe adult) book.

This book is my Book of the Month pick for November 2018.



  • A great kid book
  • Funny
  • A realistic book


  • About bullies
  • A realistic book

Chase’s memory just went out the window.

Chase doesn’t remember falling off the roof. He doesn’t remember hitting his head. He doesn’t, in fact, remember anything. He wakes up in a hospital room and suddenly has to learn his whole life all over again . . . starting with his own name.

He knows he’s Chase. But who is Chase? When he gets back to school, he sees that different kids have very different reactions to his return. Some kids treat him like a hero. Some kids are clearly afraid of him. One girl in particular is so angry with him that she pours her frozen yogurt on his head the first chance she gets.

Pretty soon, it’s not only a question of who Chase is–it’s a question of who he was . . . and who he’s going to be.

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