Websites I Like

Family Apostolic Church

So this is my church! We are starting a new church in South Lyon, Michigan with Sunday Services starting weekly in January 2019. You can learn more about my church at You might see me playing the drums there if I am not hiding in a closet or reading a book.

My dad put this picture up. Not sure if I will keep it here. Here I am playing drums at our second preview service.

And here’s my awesome family!!!

OK Dad… you’re gonna put pics of me up.
Fine. Two can play at this game, here you are preaching…


Lyon Township Public Library

I visit the library more than my dad visits Menards… which is a lot. I am actually heading to the library right after I save the changes to this page. You should check out your local library or mine if you live nearby. You will need a library card to access anything online at my library and probably yours.

You can request books (or order books) from other libraries and they magically show up for you to check out and read. It’s a really useful system, and keeps me from bankrupting my parents with all the books I read.

My Drum Teacher – Murray from Take Lessons

I’ve been learning to play drums, and I just started playing in church! I do weekly lessons online at and I have the best, most amazing, drum teacher – Murray. He’s awesome at drums, and a great and fun teacher too.

Click on his picture to find his webpage.
Here is a YouTube video of him playing:

And here is a picture of me playing drums. Apparently, my dad believes that readers might actually want to see pictures of me doing stuff besides reading books. Please use the Contact Us page to let him know this is a stupid idea so he will take this picture down. Thanks!