The Wingfeather Saga TV Series!

I am sooo excited!!!! So, for those of you who don’t know, there is a book series called the Wingfeather Saga that I love! It’s a Christian series for kids about these 3 siblings fighting the evil of their world and following the way of the Maker. And it’s such a great book series for kids 8 and up; but now it’s also a TV series!!!

I am sooooo excited! This show is bringing to life one of my favorite kids books and I think this would be a great family show! There is adventure, monsters, action, and such a great overall theme of family and God. The series is both funny and slightly dark. Like, you laugh but there are also monsters chasing the kids through the woods and mention of people dying, disappearing and getting hurt. (Nothing graphic, but there are Toothy Cows that like to eat people)

However, this magical adventure is one I loved in book form, and ADORE in animation!!! (I mean look at the artwork!!! Also there is a Art of the Wingfeather Saga Tv Series… I need it!) I hope you all are having a beautiful day, and you should go watch the first season of this show right now!

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