The Profile Match: Mission 3: Cambodia (The Mission League) by Jill Williamson

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  • Youth Appropriate
3.7 Llamas


This series is amazing! I can not tell you enough how much I enjoyed it! There is action, adventure, mystery all wrapped up in a great Christian spy series!

This book is about Spencer. A boy just trying to make it through high-school in one piece while also being part of a Christian spy organization. And now he is investigating an actress in a movie that might be connected to a cult. Hoping to make it out alive, Spencer just wants to win the girl, save the day and graduate on time. Easier said then done…

This book was soooo good! It has action, mystery, adventure and a great overall Christian outlook on life. I really love this series and how it approaches temptation, and I believe this series would be sooo good for boys (and girls) 16 and up!

Now there is some adult topics mentioned in the book. Drugs, alcohol, ‘ex and such are brought up. Mention of making out and possibly more. Mention of a “spa” and children being “used” there. Plus there is some violence, blood and death. Knifes, guns and more. Oh and mention of demons… Do you now see why this isn’t a kids book? The adult topics are only mentioned never really described or detailed. But this book does deal with real life problems and temptation.

Overall, this book is amazing! Yes it deals with real world issues, but this series also shows how to overcome sin and temptation; it shows how to trust God with your life and your soul. I really think more teens need to read books about this. And I think even adults might like this series. Have a book-filled day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing Christian series for boys 16 and up!
  • Adventure, action and a amazing read!


  • Some violence, blood and death…
  • Adult topics mentioned and brought up…

When Spencer Garmond’s friend is kidnapped, the young Mission League agent-in-training decides he’s had enough. Determined to stop the criminals he suspects are responsible, he petitions the Los Angeles Field Office to give him the lead on the case.

Now he’s investigating his favorite actress, the movie director who pretended to be his dad, and even his own uncle. Weird much?As he struggles to find the connections between this unlikely group of suspects, he uncovers a clue that could create a worldwide scandal.

When the Field Office steps in, Spencer realizes he’s not really in control of the investigation at all. Can Spencer trust God to bring about justice, or will his need to be in control jeopardize the very people he’s trying so hard to protect?

Don’t miss this final installment in the award-winning Mission League series by author Jill Williamson.

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