Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

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This is a great classic for any horse lovers! But be warned, a lot of animals are abused in the book. (So I would be say this is a kid-friendly book, unless you really can’t stand reading about animal abuse.)

The book is about a horse named Black Beauty; and it is his life story of all the homes he ever had. Some good, others bad, but he worked hard in every home.

The book is very clean and extremely good; but there is a lot of mention of horses being abused and killed due to hard labor. A lot of horses die, whips are used a lot and they usually draw blood. And it can be a sad book at times; but it is also uplifting and a beautiful story to read!

Over all, I suggest this classic to all ages. It is a beautiful read; and even though I usually prefer sci-fi or fantasy, this is a book I would definitely read again! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Kid-friendly and a good book for kids and teens!
  • A beautiful story.


  • Some animal violence.

Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty was an immediate success on its publication in 1877, and has gone on to sell an estimated 50 million copies.

Black Beauty is a horse with a fine black coat, a white foot and a silver star on his forehead. Seen through his eyes, the story tells of his idyllic upbringing and the hardship and cruelty he suffers subsequently, before finding security and happiness in a new home.

Black Beauty is one of the most popular children’s books ever written.

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