Touchdown Kid by Tim Green

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Yes. I did go and get another football book, I don’t know why… But these books are just soooooooo good!!! I mean, COME ON!!!!! Who doesn’t want to read about football!!! (And I don’t even like football… weird…)

This book is about a kid from the ‘wrong-side-of=town’ who gets a scholarship to play football. And when it says the ‘wrong-side-of-town’ it IS the ‘Bad’ side. There isn’t any ‘Bleh!’, but some kids break-into a store and they act like a gang. But more pathetic. And the neighborhoods down there are a little rough. But I wouldn’t say it’s inappropriate for kids to read, I’m just warning you, the neighborhoods (and some of the family’s in them) aren’t pretty.

Over all, I would say this book Is kid-friendly, but some ‘adult-ish’ things are mentioned. So, I guess I would put this book in 12 and up? And, it is more themed around boys, so I guess it is a boy book. (Sorry girls!) But I do suggest it, just a warning though, I think it’s kid-friendly but ask your parents first!

Love you alll!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.



  • A really amazing book.
  • This is a great book for boys.


  • Has some mention of ‘adult’ things.

Cory has always been passionate about football. But life for him and his single mom has been hard, making it difficult for Cory to play. And though Cory is a good kid, he’s constantly surrounded by negative influences. But when the coach from an elite private school with one of the best football programs in the country recognizes his talents on the field, Cory is presented with an unbelievable opportunity.

Cory knows that football could be his ticket out. But leaving to attend private school also means struggling to fit into a world where most people look at him and just see a scholarship kid from the wrong side of town. Cory knows that if he can fight hard enough—both on and off the field—he may be able to secure a bright future that looks different from his unpromising past.

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