A Hero for WondLa (Book 2) by Tony DiTerlizzi

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4.2 Llamas


This book is amazing! I am completely obsessed with this series. It has action, mystery, adventure and more! Plus this series has beautiful illustrations drawn by the author!!!!! (Except there is one weird drawing, but the rest of the book is fabulous.)

This book is about Eva Nine, a girl who has lived in a sanctuary with nothing but her robot Muther to keep her company. Now Muther is gone and she and her alien friend Rovee are on their way to the only human city left on what used to be Earth. But not everything is as it seems. And Eva soon realizes that not only does she not fit in, but her views are not welcome in New Attica and neither are her alien friends… Maybe Eva wasn’t meant to be normal… Maybe this new planet has something else in store for her…

This series is amazing! It has been too long since I read a fantastic sci-fi novel and I just love Wondla! This is a book filled with plenty of adventure, lots of fun aliens and a wonderfully written world. It is super clean, and a series that I think girls and boys 10 and up would adore. (Especially if you love a good sci-fi adventure!)

Now there is violence in the book. Mention of blood, people dying, aliens eating each other and such. (Which is weird and semi disturbing but still clean for kids) Mention of guns, knifes and other weapons. There is a war brewing in the book. Plus there is a weird alien being in the book that does some weird stuff. Without spoiling anything let me just say this alien evolves creatures and makes them “new”. It purifies their hearts by a weird process that turns them translucent so it can see their organs and skeleton. Now there is a drawing in the book of a girl with translucent skin and you can see her skeleton. You can’t see anything inappropriate but she is unclothed. Her clothes are completely translucent so you see a lot of skin. Yet again, not inappropriate but it is weird and she is curled up while the alien transforms her. (I was a bit weirded out at the drawing, but it is still clean for kids. Sci-fi does have some weird stuff in it sometimes)

Overall, this book was amazing! I loved the plot line, I adore the characters and I’m obsessed with the artwork! This is a series I TOTALLY suggest and one that I have already re-read twice!!! I hope you all have a book-filled day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A very good read for kids 10 and up!
  • A fantastic sci-fi series!!!
  • Adventure, action and mystery!


  • Some violence and death mentioned…
  • Some weird sci-fi stuff…
  • 1 weird illustration…

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