Evan the Horrible by Kimberly King

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Ok… I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!! This is my new fav!!!!! I received this as a free eBook from Ms. Kimberly and I have to say this is one of the best books I have read in a while! (Thanks Kimberly King for sending it to me!!!!!)

The book is about a goth girl who just wants to make it through high school, when she finds out that Evan (The school jerk) finds a magical wishing ring. Then all the trouble starts…

The book is sooooooo cool!!!!!! There is only a few things I think I should mention. One the girl in the book has a tattoo, I’m only mentioning that cause some parents might not like that. And there was magic in the book as well. There is a sorceress/witch in it who wants to take over the world… Ya know the usual witch thing. And there is a portal between the mortals and immortals… But it never mentioned any immortals, just a witch/sorceress and the guardian of the portal. And the witch was a little violent. (Ya know, sending bees, wasps, and horrible bugs on top of people. Making a huge storm and tornado; and trying to cast spells to throw fire at people… The usual angry witch…)

Over all, I TOTALLY love this book!!!!! Yes, the witch has issues, but I still think the book is soooooooooo cool!!!!!! I definitely suggest this book, but ask your parents just in case. Some people may not like the magic part of the book. (But I love the book!!!!!!) I hope you all have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Funny!!!
  • And very clean and magical!!!!!!!


  • Magic rings, sorceresses, and portals.
  • Some mention of violence.

First the janitor’s foot was inside the brick wall. Then there was the mysterious ring. But the strangest of all? That was yet to come. Jazzy Allen’s already complicated life suddenly gets messier when class clown Evan Rice gets both of them sent to the principal’s office. Fearing she’ll lose her scholarship, Jazzy is determined to avoid him at all costs. But when Evan gets hold of a wish-granting ring, he pulls her into his mischievous mayhem while the school becomes his playground. His magical pranks seem harmless enough, but behind mud-slinging cheerleaders and a food fight of epic proportions, something sinister lays waiting. With their school on the brink of destruction, Jazzy must learn to work together with the most infuriating guy in Forest Hills High before the power behind the ring destroys them…and everything else.

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