Star Wars Books!

The amazingness of Star Wars books is something that I truly can’t explain. I also can’t explain why I’ve read close to 200 different kinds of Star Wars books; some good, some bad and some just plain awesome!

When I was 12, my dad let me read his collection of Star Wars Legends books. And since then I have been hooked! Now, not all of the books are good, there is violence and the occasional weird thing in them. But if you are looking for an awesome collection of 300 plus sci-fi books, I give you the Star Wars Legend books.

However, word of warning, the newer books that aren’t Legends are not as clean. Books like Rogue One, Thrawn, A New Dawn and Battlefront are amazing and very clean. But the other new books are very woke, slightly weird, curse words mentioned and totally ruin the series. (Not to mention they are like an inch taller than the old Star Wars books! Who does that?!?)

Over all, these books are amazing for boys 12 and up who adore sci-fi, as well as adults and teens. Most of the series is pretty clean and one that I just adore! And if you are like me and also a artist then the Art of Books of the Star Wars collection are also awesome! -The Young Llama Reader.

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