Merry 2019 Christmas!!!!!!

Merry Christmas my Llama Friends!!! I have had an AMAZING Christmas and have received several, new BOOKS!

Two cooking books, (One is a Star Wars cooking book! There will be a review soon.) one yarn book, (I love to knit) one art book, (Disney Frozen 2!!!!) one devotional, (Born For It by Carson Case) and EIGHT new fictional books! (2 were sent to me to review in January, 1 is one of the Love-inspired murder mysteries, (there is a review for them on YoungLlama) 4 are Annie Douglass Lima books, and the last one is a romance adventure for teen girls I believe.) And there will be reviews for them in January 2020!!!!!!

“Sniff! The year’s almost over!!!!!” Well, with sooooo many new books, (and a Barnes n’ Noble gift card!) I better get started reading before 2019 comes to an end! I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas, and know that Jesus loves you and is always near. -The Young Llama Reader.

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