Llama Summer Book List 2022!!!

It is time… to read all summer!!!!! I hope you all are ready for some of my favorite books that I am suggesting to you for this summer’s reading list.

10. Greetings from Witness Protection! 

This book was one I picked up willy-nilly at my library and fell in love with! It is about a young orphan who gets chosen to join a family in witness protection to make a family of 3 into 4 and hide them from the killers out to get them. This book is sooooo good! It is funny, interesting and very good for kids 10 and up!


9. Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

Ok this book is AMAZING!!! The main character, Steven, in middle school, plays drums, and his brother has cancer, and this book is about him learning to except his life and make the best of it no matter what.. I literally am in love with this book and totally suggest it to kids and teens! This is a really good book for younger and older boys.


8. The Prince Warriors

This series is a fantastic Christian series for any kid!!!! The 4 books teach you about using the armor of God and standing up against your enemies with love, hope and peace. This book can be read with the family, or by yourself! And it is very clean for younger kids too. (There is some fighting)


7. Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School)

Another one of my fav childhood reads. This series is about a girl going to a school to be “reformed” but the school is actually run by the fairy tale villains and is full of more mystery and magic than you think! As a fantasy fiction lover, I read this book over and over again! And it is one that I totally suggest to girls who love a good fairy tale!


6. Keeper of the Lost Cities

My all time favorite series!!!! (Did you think it wasn’t gonna make the list?) This series is 1 that I adore and re-read every chance I get! It is sooooo interesting, mysterious, funny, engaging and perfect for kids 8 and up! It is a series about elves in our world trying to keep the peace but being threaten by their own…


5. The Wingfeather Saga

This series is very good. Though can be dark at times, these books are Christian adventures for kids and teens. All about a world where evil reigns but good can overcome if 3 brave kids step up to take the lead. I suggest this book to kids and teens looking for a clean, suspenseful and Christian-friendly book series.


4. The Chosen

Not only is this an AMAZING Christian TV show perfect for kids and adults, it’s a great book for teens as well!!!!!!!!!! These books are the 2 seasons of The Chosen turned into books and I TOTALLY suggest them!!!!! Just go to the ChosenGifts.com and get them now!!!!!!


3. C. D. Ross’s books!

This author is amazing!!!! And I love so many of her books!!!!! These books are sooooo perfect for teenage girls. There are soooo many different book genres to choose from, but I totally suggest the Outlaws Redemption, Christmas Ballerina and The Queen.


2. Madness in Wonderland

I quickly became obsessed with this book when I found out it was Christian! And then I read it and became even more obsessed!!!! This is an adventure in wonderland with so many twists and turns you won’t even see coming! It is a great read for girls 16 and up and one I totally suggest. (Violence warning…)


And my number 1 choice for this years summer book list is…

1 . The Port Danby Cozy Mystery Series by London Lovett

So…. My wonderful mother got me book 1 for my birthday and I have been slowly buying the rest of the series since. But listen! This series is soooooooo good!!!! There is action, mystery, romance, murder and a pet crow! I mean what isn’t to love?!?!

This 19 book series is so perfect for young ladies 18 and up. I have only read books 1 through 10 so far but I bought the other books and can’t wait to read them soon!!!!!!!

Anyhow… There is my wonderful book list and I hope you find 1 or 2 books to read this summer off of it. Later my Llamaings! -The Young Llama Reader.

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