Who in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? by Rebecca Tinker

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Ok, I love the Carmen Sandiego TV show that Netflix came out with awhile ago. It’s very clean, has a fun plot line, cool fight scenes, awesome characters and is perfect for young kids. And then I discovered this book on the first episode and fell in LOVE!!!!!

This book is about the elusive thief Carmen Sandiego, but what kind of thief leaves behind the treasures she steals? Probably a thief stealing from other thieves! But all Carmen wants is too stop the thieving organization she once called home. And to explain who she really is…

Ok, I loved the book! It was short and pretty much the 1st episode of the series, but I still loved it!!! However, she is a thief so there is stealing in the book, (Though I would like to point out that she is NOT breaking a commandment because she returns the items afterwards) but it’s more like a Robin Hood thing. There is also some awesome fighting between thieves and some pretty cool schemes.

Over all, I LOVE this series and I LOVE that they are making it into some books as well! These books are great for new readers going into chapter books and I totally suggest these to kids! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Awesomeness!!!!
  • Sooo good for kids!!!!
  • Very clean!


  • Some fighting and thievery.
Based on the Netflix original series with a foreword by Gina Rodriguez. For decades, people have asked the question: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? But just who is this infamous and elusive globe-trotting criminal?

A skilled thief on a mysterious mission, Carmen Sandiego is endlessly pursued by ACME and Interpol. But the woman in the red fedora is always one step ahead! In this novelization, based on the Netflix animated series, Carmen shares her own backstory for the first time ever. Now, it’s time to find out…. Who in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

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