Llama Christmas Book List 2021!!!!

Fa-la-Llama! It’s Christmas!!!!!! Well, it’s almost Christmas; which means it’s time for my Christmas Book List that I do every year. This list is like a sneak peek of who I am, what I read, and some books I think could be good Christmas gifts for your familia and friends! I usually give 10 books (or series) and the ages that should read them. And you usually buy them! (Sadly not from me… Though that money would be lovely right about now….I need a few more books…)

So here are the 10 books I am suggesting to YOU this Christmas!

10. Enola Holmes. This 6 book series is fantastic! And the movie is very fun to watch as well! However, this is a 12 and up book due to the violence in it. Lots of daggers, guns, and women protecting themselves against “stuff”. But this would be a great book for the historical mystery lover!

9. The Wingfeather Saga. This 4 book series is AMAZING! And kinda dark at times… There is adventure, action, monsters, family, God, and a WHOLE lot of toothy cows. I am torn on this book; the age group is a mystery to me. It’s clean for kids, no inappropriate stuff. Just violence, death, and monsters really wanting to eat people… and people turning into monsters… and those “monsters” trying to take over the world and kill everyone else… Weird right? BUT it’s Christian friendly! Yay.

8. Parked. I think I suggest this book every time I do a book list. I LOVE IT!!!!! There is no crazy adventure, no magic, no sword fights. But I love it! This book is set is San Fransisco and is about a boy who stands out and a girl who wants to fit in. She lives in a van, he lives in a world filled with art and wings. He wants to help, she wants nothing to do with it. This book is soooooo good. And I suggest this book to any kid or teen!

7. The King’s Trial / Shadow. I love these 2 books waayyyy too much! The action, drama and suspense! (With a touch of romance, Oh La la!) Ms. M. L. Farb wrote this wonderful books and I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCH! This is a series I suggest to boys and girls who love a good desert adventure! 12 and up. (Some violence… Mostly poison and stabbing.)

6. Miracle. This biography is AMAZING!!!!! Filled with true stories of a missionary family that will blow your socks off!!!! I mean God really worked through this family and did something CRAZY awesome! There are sooooo many miracles and healings in this book. There is some violence, this family worked primarily in Pakistani. So this is a book to read as a family or as a older kid.

5. The Starlore Legacy: Nova. My sister read the knight series by Chuck Black and loved it, but due to the fact that she hates sci-fi she wouldn’t even look at this 3 book series. Which means I got to read it… AND LOVE IT! Finding clean sci-fi is impossible’s best friend. And I found it! There is action, romance, spaceships, weird/awesome weapons, and Christian-friendly plot line!!!!! This is a great book for boys! 12 and up.

4. An Outlaws Redemption. Ms. C. D Ross sent me this book only a bit ago, and I am already a HUGE fan of hers! And this book? FABULOUS! I loved every part, and I have re-read it like 3 times now! There is western gunfights, action scenes, romance, horses all in a Christian-friendly book! Written just for romance lovers like me. I seriously suggest this book (and her others…) as a Christmas gift to that one teenage girl who loves a good, clean, romance!

3. Keeper of the Lost Cities. Did ya think I wasn’t gonna include this series? That’s cute. OF COURSE I HAD TO INCLUDE MY FAV SERIES EVER!!!! KOTLC has gotten me through the good and the bad. And it is a series I suggest to any teen girl who loves a magical adventure with a twist. Now, there is violence… and action, adventure and super cool powers and a beautiful elven world! So 12 and up, and buy all 8 (.5) books!

2. Disney’s “The Art of” Books. I know Disney has really messed up lately, but these books of art of your favorite movies, almost make up for it! (Not really… But almost) Each book is a different movies concept art, character design, and landscape pieces for you to drool over! From Star Wars to your favorite Pixar movie, they are amazing. And I love the 4 ones I have. (Like A LOT!) These will be perfect for that art lover in your fam!

And the number 1 winner of this years addition of bookiness!!!!!!!!!! IS….

1. The Chosen: I Have Called You By Name. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I Love The Chosen. And when I saw that they made season one as a book, you can bet your party socks I got it. And I LOVE IT! This series is about the life of Jesus and those he touched, but it is written in a whole new way! I adore this series, and love the book. So go out buy the book, buy the seasons, buy some merch and get your Chosen on!!!!!

Have a Very, Merry, not so Hairy Christmas! And may you find a book to read! Happy Llamadays!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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