Books for Boys!

Hola my Llama Friends! I have very exciting news!!!!! I now officially have a tag for Books for Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah!… What? Am I the only one excited?…)

I have been on the look out for boy books for like FOREVER!!! For some reason books for boys are REALLY hard to find… (Like really hard!!!!!) So I am now on your side boys! I am going to be looking for more boy books, and trying to help boys of all ages find something interesting to read. (That isn’t just sport books, cause apparently those are some of the only boy books)

So, girls… You don’t need help. You can walk into any store and find a book. I will still post girly books, but I’m more interested in helping out the boys! So guys, go down to the tags and click Books for Boys and take a look around, find something you like! And have fun reading!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


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