It’s time to go to the library!

I love going to the library, and I want you all to go and get some awesome, new books too!!! So here are some Star Wars memes to get you moving.


I can totally relate to this meme. Sometimes I will find a book, and then I go to the library to get it… and it’s not there… THE STRUGGLE IS REAL PEOPLE!!!






I would just like to say, I rarely ever get a over-Dew (Haha) book. My dad on the other hand, is REALLY bad at returning library books. (He has used MY library card, borrowed books and returned them late!!!) I REALLY don’t like over-Dew library books.





This just makes me happy!!! I LOVE Star Wars, and Darth Vader is one of my FAVORITE characters. Please don’t ask me why, cause I really don’t know…







My dad and I are always making fun of this line. My dad wants a Policeman to pull him over so he can say, “These aren’t the droids your looking for.” He really wants to do it, AND get away with it too. (I have a weird dad.)




So now that you have seen all of my weirdness, I suggest you look around on Young Llama, find a book and go to the library and see if it’s there. I love you all sooooooooo much; and I hope you all are having a great day filled with books and love!!!

Love Ya, – The Young Llama Reader.




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