Jack Staples and the Ring of Time (Volume 1) by Mark Batterson and Joel N. Clark

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3 Llamas


Ok, this is kind-of a dark book… This is a book I found at Barnes n’ Noble. It is a Christian book on spiritual warfare for kids and teens. However it is VERY dark. Which is understandable; spiritual warfare is dark, but it isn’t filled with weird looking demon creatures trying to bite everyone…

This book is about a book named Jack how is the Chosen One. He is destined to say the world form the evil that lives in it. But when his whole world is ripped away by the darkness, he will have to summit to the will of the Maker and follow his steps. Or risk losing everything he loves… even more than he already has…

Soooo… The book is very adventurous, action-filled, and has lots of fighting scenes! But it is waaayy dark! Like I was not entirely happy with the book. I just couldn’t handle the dark creatures that are made of evil…stuff? There are animals demons. (Wolf head, snake neck, and goat body. Sounds like it would be funny right? WRONG!) And tall grey beings that have too big mouths and have no bones so they slither across the ground to their prey… I know that doesn’t sound too creepy, but I’m summing in up! I did NOT like this book!!! Plus, the boy in the book did like NOTHING! The girl did it all and the boy was useless… I REALLY don’t like books like that.

Over all, this book is very Christian and Spiritual and NOT for me or any kid who hates reading a book without a single funny part… So it got 3 Llamas… I don’t suggest this book. Have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Christian-friendly.
  • LOTS of adventure and action…


  • A very Dark book….

After a near-death experience, eleven-year-old Jack awakens to a world where war has been raging since time before time. Battling fantastical creatures, Jack must face his fears if he is to fulfill his destiny. But is his destiny to save the world … or destroy it?

Jack learns that most live in a shadow of the world, their vision blinded by invisible scales that have covered human eyes since the beginning of time. But the Awakened experience the world as it truly is, where war rages between good and evil—and Jack is at the heart of it. The Awakened are searching for The Child of Prophesy who will both save the world and destroy it. When Jack joins in their epic battle he must learn to trust his friends and face his fears if he is to make his life count.

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