Warnings on Bad Books!

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Sigh… My website is awesome ok. I review books and tell you of all the great ones!… And warn you on the bad ones. And sadly, I have found some bad ones.

I have been pretty lucky lately. I haven’t run into too many ‘Bad Books’. There is one here and there but never like, “Whoa! I got to warn people about these!” Bad… However, here we are. And I have 2 books I need to warn you about.

Number 1! “And Then I turned into a Mermaid” I saw this book at B’nN and thought it looked cute for young girls. (I am super glad I didn’t buy it!) The book is about this family, 5 sisters and their mom, who are all mermaids. It’s a big family secret and whatever. The book was ok, if not kind-of weird? My biggest complaint was that one of the sisters was LGBT. Now, I don’t hate people like that, but I don’t support them. And I am of the belief that they should not be putting stuff like that in kids fiction! There was NO purpose for her to be like that. It was just an very weird and unnecessary part of the book.

Book number 2! Now this book has serious issues! Ok, it’s a tale of Sleeping Beauty, but form her younger sisters perspective. They all fall asleep, wake up, and are imprisoned in a magic fairy land of thorns. So, basically the entire book is about them escaping the fairy land. Expect the fairy godmother is evil-ious, and lots of people get hurt. Now I am going to have to spoil the books ending to explain the real issue with the book. (Though the evil fairy who’s smile stretches across her face is just wrong.)

SPOILERS!!!! At one point in the book, the prince and Sleeping Beauty are kissing and the little sister starts asking the prince some questions on how he got here. And then it turns out the prince is the really evil Fairy Queen. Do you see the problem?!?!?! The prince, who is kissing a 16 year old princess, is a fairy queen!!!!! “BLEH!” I am soooooo grossed out! The book was weird as it was, I only got it cause it said sisters. So I thought there wouldn’t be anything too weird!!!!!!!!!!!! I would happily throw away this book and never look at it again! However, it’s my librarys…. So that’s out of the question.

Over all, with every good book review, there is a bad book review. I am sorry to tell you about these books, but hopefully they will help you NOT read them! Have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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