Squishable Voting begins TODAY

Hola my llamaings! I have some interesting news to share with all of you!

I entered a contest to make a plush design for Squishable.com and I have been accepted!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited, but in order to win I need as many votes as I can get for my Strawberry Freckled Lemonade! (And if I win, my design becomes a plush and I get paid for my work!)

So go to Squishable.com, make a free account, go to Vote, Vote on New Designs and find my Lemonade!!! After that, please give it 5 points and tell you friends to vote as well! Then we wait until July 22nd and see who wins! (If  this works, this might be the 1st step to saving up for my bookstore dream!!!!!!!!!!)

Thank you all for supporting me! -Kelsey.

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