A Dream within a Dream: Coffey and Hill by Mike Nappa and Melissa Kosci

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3.5 Llamas


This book was sent to me by the Baker Book House for a review, and I did enjoy it. Though it is a 15 and up book! (Lots of mention of torture and going crazy… But still a good book for Young Adults!)

The book was about this man who painted these paintings that were forgerys. And he was forced to do it, but he doesn’t remember why. And then Trudi and Samuel, who are private investigates, have to help him get away form those who are looking for the art. (And Trudi and Samuel were married at one point… Love drama!!!!)

The book was really enjoyable to read; the way it was written really catches your eye and you can’t put it down! But, there is torture in it. Someone gets their figures broken, cigarette burns happen, people get shot, people get attacked, and people die…. Soooo… 15 and up, with your parents permission!

Over all, a really good book and I very much did enjoy it. (Though I think there is 2 books before it so stuff was mentioned that I didn’t know about. So read those first!) And I REALLY hope there will be a book after this as well! I hope you all have a nice day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A good book for 15 and up.
  • Mystery, suspense, and action!


  • Kind-of descriptive torture…
  • Mention of terrorists.

Trudi Coffey only realizes that she hasn’t seen Samuel Hill in weeks when the FBI shows up asking questions about him. After a strange encounter with an armed man demanding her help and an attack by a member of the Boston mob looking for someone named Dream, Trudi manages to find Samuel–or rather, he finds her. He’s made some pretty powerful enemies, but right now his full attention is on protecting Dream from the mob. Because Dream has something they want–the map to the location of artwork stolen from the Gardener Museum during the infamous 1990 heist.

With danger closing in from all sides, Trudi and Samuel will have to call on all of their allies to keep Dream safe and discover the identity of the people who have been hunting down Samuel. The real questions are whom can they trust? And who will make it out of this thing alive?

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