Llama Summer Book List!!!!!!

Hello my wonderful Llama Friends, I just wanted you to know I have found books!!!!!!! (Thank goodness cause I was getting a little worried there…) And I am going to be making my own Llama Summer Book List. It’s gonna kind-of be like, I post a book you read it too; or I will actually make a list… Hmmmmmm… Ok I’ll make a list!

Here are the books I will be reading this summer. (WARNING!!! Since I have not read them yet, they might have a few problems… You are invited to read with me, but some of the books may have: Magic, Violence, Curse Words or other “Wonderful” stuff. ‘Hint, the sarcasm.’)

1.Briar And Rose And Jack by Katherine Coville (Probably has LOTS of magic)

2.Young Captain Nemo by Jason Henderson (…Sea monsters?)

3. If The Magic Fits by Susan Maupin Schmid (Magic obviously)

4.___Guys Read: True Stories by… Wow! 7 different people! (Canceled due do… grossness)

5.Lifters by Dave Eggers (Maybe kid-friendly Sci-fi)

6.Bridge Home by Padme Venkatraman (Warning, this one is going to be sad)

7.Skyward by Brandon Sanderson (Warning, this book is for teens and is Sci-fi, soooo… there might be curse words or ‘Bleh!’ stuff… I really hope there’s not)

8.We’re Not From Here by Geoff Rodkey (I believe this is kid-firendly Sci-fi)

9___.Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman (Canceled due to BAD… everything!!!!)

10.Breakthrough by Joyce Smith (This is a REALLY sad, heartwarming, Christian-friendly, true story and I am really excited to read it!)

Again, since I have not read any of these yet, I am BEGGING YOU!!!! Please let me post my review and THEN you can read the book. I don’t know what’s in these, and there is probably going to be two or three books that I will not suggest. Well I better get started on these books. I will hopefully have new reviews soon! Happy Summer Reading. -The Young Llama Reader.


9.WARNING!!!!!!!!! I have just read a bit of Summer Bird Blue, and it is BAD!!!! Really bad curse words, mention of LGBT, and over all… depressing… 🙁 I will NOT be reviewing or suggesting this book; there is just too much… Everything. Soooooo… I give this book a 2.4 Llama Review. Thank You.

4.WARNING!!!! I got a book called Guys Read True Stories thinking it would be good, and instead it was really gross and weird. The first story in the book was about this crew and captain who’s ship crashed in a random Arabic country. And they survived by drinking their urine… GROSS!!!!!! Then the Arabic people enslaved them and toke their clothing… So they where in the desert without “coverings” and drinking camel urine… Uh, no. The book was cleanish, but I was Mega! grossed out; so you can read it if you want too… but I’m not reading any more!!!!! Thank You.

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