WARNING!!! These books are no good!!!

Hi guys… I have had a LONG weekend! I read two books on Friday, and I Hated both of them!!! I am still not sure if I’m gonna review them or not… I just don’t want to put a lot of BAD books up on my website. Alright, I won’t review them, BUT I am gonna warn you about them.

The first book I read was Fawkes. It was by the same author who wrote A Time to Die which is a Christian book, but Fawkes was not Christian and was instead VERY violent and… gross. The story was a twist on a actual historical figure named Guy Fawkes, I believe. The book was very bloody and I did not enjoy it at all!!! The reason I am not reviewing this book is cause it would get a 1.3 or something, and I am not willing to go though that struggle just so I can give it a bad review!!!


The other book I read was Hunted, which was a twist on Beauty and the Beast. I was enjoying the book, and then it got REALLY bloody. The girl in the book was a hunter soooooo… blood did appear; and I am usually ok with some blood, but this was waaaayyyy to much. There was also a inappropriate moment that I was NOT happy with. (I am gonna speak code again) The girl had a fever and she had to lose ‘some’ of her clothing to survive, it was not described but it was mentioned that she was naked as a shaved wookie.

Over all, I would have given both of these books VERY low scores, and I wished I NEVER EVER READ THEM!!! I am so sorry I don’t have any good books for you guys today, sooooo please look around and find one that you might be interested in (Thats not one of these books), and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Love y’all! -The Young Llama Reader.


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