Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan

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Ok, I saw this book when I was looking for more books on the ChristianBook.com and was a little worried it wasn’t going to be good, but IT WAS!!!!!! Yeah, there was violence in it, (A lot of violence actually) but it was still sooooooo good!

The book is about a kingdom that is running out of water, and the princess has to face off her 12 suitors in the arena to win her crown to try to save her kingdom. Thankfully it is NOT just about her fighting her suitors. (That would-of been boring) Instead she goes on this big adventure in the desert and has to fight her own kingdom, to save it.

It was very enjoyable but there are some adult mentions. (The guards collect ‘pretty’ girls for someone, and afterwards they get rid of them “two”. So the new mother gets to starve in the wilderness with no water…. Fun…) I would say this book is a 10 and up with the violence. (Scorpion stings, snake holes, poison,…strangling… scars… ears..gone…..swords in people…) Ok, I would actually put it at like 12 and up, but I do think some kids can read this…. I don’t know! You can decide!!!! (Parents permission as always!!!!)

Over all, I do suggest this book but only if you don’t get nauseous while reading violence. (I do…) I hope this review was helpful!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • VERY enjoyable to read
  • Adventure, sword fights, TIGERS!!!! Love it!


  • A lot of violence
  • Some mention of ‘adult-ishy’ things

Two doors.

Two choices.

Life or death.

Kateri, an arrogant warrior princess, has to fight in the arena against her suitors to win her right to rule, and she is desperate to prove to her father that she is strong enough to take over his throne and rule the kingdom. But when she finds out her final opponent, she knows she cannot win. Kateri flees to the desert to train under the enemy she hates the most and the only one who might be able to give her a shot at winning. But what Kateri discovers in the desert twists her world—and her heart—upside down.  There in the sand, away from the comforts of the palace, Kateri’s perception of her father is challenged and she discovers the truth about his treatment of her people. When she returns to the kingdom, the fate of the one she loves lies behind two doors in the arena—one door leads to happiness, and the other door releases the tiger.

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