Left Behind >The Kids< : The Vanishings by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

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Ok, so my sister read the original ‘Left Behind’ series and those books are a little too… everything for me. (Sad, scary, too much adult stuff mentioned. You take your pick) But there is a Kids ‘Left Behind’ series, and of course, I went and bought the first two books.

I think there are 24 books in this series!!! I just went to Amazon and found this out… I did not know that! I thought there were six or so books… TWENTY-FOUR!!!!! Wow… I hope my library has this series, cause unfortunately this series is one of those series where you have to have ALL the books. (Oh and I just found out that this series goes to book 39… Wow…)

Anyways, I believe these books are Christian-friendly and kid-friendly, but be warned! There is mention of drugs, alcohol and the Rapture, which might be scary for some kids. But this is a REALLY good book! And it really opens your eyes to see the Rapture in a new perspective.

Over all, I think I really liked it?!?! (And if you don’t know, I am very terrified of the Rapture) And I am going to suggest this book to kids. But maybe 8ish and up? (Seems like a good age too learn about the Rapture to me!) I hope this review was helpful, and if you don’t know what the Rapture is… Read this book or go to FamilyApostolic.org -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing Christian book
  • I believe it’s kid-friendly


  • It’s a little sad…

Four young friends, Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan, band together to find faith and fight the evil forces that threaten their lives when they are left behind on Earth after God’s rapture.

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