Left Out by Tim Green

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I don’t like football, but I have read like 4 books about football and I really liked them. So, I went and got 3 more books on football. I think… I weird.

The book is about a kid who wants to play football, but he’s deaf. However that does not stop him from fulfilling his dream. And I totally lost my marbles when I found out he was deaf, and he wanted to play football. THAT IS TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

The book is really good, but there is a part I didn’t really care for… At one point in the book he accidentally walked in on his sister and two of her friends changing. There was NOTHING mentioned, but he was called a Peeping Tom for a while. I wasn’t really happy when that was mentioned but other than that the book was really good.

Over all, I think this book is perfect for young and older boys alike. (And girls may like it too, but I think it’s more for boys.) – The Young Llama Reader.


  • A great book for boys
  • Inspiring and enjoyable


  • Mention of a Peeping Tom

Landon Dorch wants to be like everyone else. But his deafness and the way he talks have always felt like insurmountable obstacles. But now he finally sees his chance to fit in. Bigger and taller than any other seventh grader in his new school, Landon plans to use his size to his advantage and join the school’s football team. But the same speech problems and the cochlear implants that help him hear continue to haunt him.

Just when it looks like Landon will be left out of football for good, an unlikely friend comes along. But in the end only Landon can fight his way off the bench and through a crowded field of bullies bent on seeing him forever left out.

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