Prince of Alasia by Annie Douglass Lima

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4.4 Llamas


Ok, I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! This is the 1st one of Annie Douglass Lima’s ‘Annals of Alasia’ series, but the cool part is, this series has 5 books and you can read them in ANY ORDER! (Which I did, I read the 3rd one first…mostly because it arrived first and I was not willing to wait for the 1st one to come before reading the 3rd…)

This book is about a prince who’s kingdom gets overthrown by the neighboring kingdom and he has to go in hiding. The book was awesome and it takes place the same time as the third one! It is REALLY cool to read, and I just LOVE how the books all line up.

Now, there is some violence in the book. There is a really, cool battle and people do die… But it wasn’t that described (thank goodness, cause I can’t handle reading about blood) and I think this book is pretty kid-friendly. (It’s kind-of like a Narnia battle, just easier to read.)

Over all, love, Love, LOVE!!!!! I HIGHLY suggest reading this book NOW! Just buy the whole series cause the 2 books I read are AWESOME!!!!! And I can not wait to read the rest! I hope this review was helpful. -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A really cool book for both boys and girls!
  • Part of a five book series that you can read in ANY ORDER!!!


  • There is violence and a really cool battle!

Twelve-year-old Prince Jaymin, heir to the throne of Alasia, barely escapes with his life when invaders from neighboring Malorn attack. Accompanied by his young bodyguard, Jaymin flees to a nearby town to live in hiding. There, surrounded by the enemy soldiers searching for the missing prince, his life depends on his ability to maintain his disguise.

As the danger intensifies and the Malornians’ suspicions grow, Jaymin seeks desperately for a way to save his kingdom and himself. Then he stumbles upon a startling discovery that will challenge his assumptions and forever change his view of Malorn and the events that altered his life.

Prince of Alasia is the first book in the Annals of Alasia, but the series can be read in any order, and each of the first four books can stand on its own.

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