A Warrior’s Heart (Brides of Laurent Book #1) by Misty M. Beller

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3.8 Llamas


I received this book for Christmas and may I just say I love them!!! However, I am sorry it took sooo long to review it!!! I finished like 3 days after I got it, but I have been a bit lazy…

This book is about a village in the mountains of Canada in 1814. This French village has been hidden for years, the only contact the people have had is trading with a few natives, until an Englishman stumbles upon their sanctuary. With no other choice but to imprison him till they know he is safe, his mission is on hold unless he can convince the beautiful guard that she can trust him.

This book was fantastic!!! It was clean, interesting and Christian-friendly!!! The plot line was well written, the action was good and the romance was very sweet! Now there is some violence. People get shot with arrows, frostbite shows up a bit, and there is some mention of a man having his way with a women. (Adult topics are mentioned. Not described so 16 and up!)

Over all, this is a great book for young women 16 and up. I totally suggest it too historical fiction lovers and may you have a great day!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A very good book for 16 and up!
  • Clean and Christian-friendly!
  • Fantastic series!!!!


  • Quite a bit of violence…
  • Mention of some adult topics…

Her heart longs for peace, but peace won’t keep them safe.

Brielle Durand is still haunted by the massacre that killed her mother a dozen years before. Vowing to never let it happen again, she’s risen to be the key defender for her people’s peace-loving French settlement living in hidden caves in the Canadian Rockies. When a foreigner wanders too near to their secret home, she has no choice but to disarm and capture him. But now, what to do with this man who insists he can be trusted?

Hoping to escape past regrets, Evan MacManus ventured into the unknown, assigned to discover if the northern mountains contain an explosive mineral that might help America win the War of 1812. Despite being taken prisoner, Evan is determined to complete his mission. But when that assignment becomes at odds with his growing appreciation of the villagers and Brielle, does he follow through on his promise to his government or take a risk on where his heart is leading him? Either choice will cause harm to someone.

Brielle and Evan must reconcile the warring in their hearts to have any hope of finding peace for their peoples.

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