Star Wars: Knight Errant by John Jackson Miller

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This is such a good book, and I love re-reading it again and again. I really like this book, but it’s not really a kid’s Star Wars book.

The book is very different than the normal Star Wars books, and it can get really weird at times. It’s not like, creepy it’s just that there are some really “interesting” aliens, planets and Sith background; and I don’t think it’s a kid book. (It is not an inappropriate book, it is just more of a teen book.)

The plot line for the whole book is awesome!!! And this book is a whole new twist on Star Wars. It has a lot of adventure and action and is the perfect book for any Star Wars fan (unless you don’t like violence, cause there is a lot of fighting in the book).

Over all, I love this book sooooo much and I definitely think a Star Wars fan should read it, but (again) this book can get a little bit weird, so a younger reader should probably not try it.


  • Star Wars


  • Is a bit violent
  • Not really kid-friendly

A thousand years before Luke Skywalker, a generation before Darth Bane, in a galaxy far, far away . . .

The Republic is in crisis. The Sith roam unchecked, vying with one another to dominate the galaxy. But one lone Jedi, Kerra Holt, is determined to take down the Dark Lords. Her enemies are strange and many: Lord Daiman, who imagines himself the creator of the universe; Lord Odion, who intends to be its destroyer; the curious siblings Quillan and Dromika; the enigmatic Arkadia. So many warring Sith weaving a patchwork of brutality—with only Kerra Holt to defend the innocents caught underfoot.

Sensing a sinister pattern in the chaos, Kerra embarks on a journey that will take her into fierce battles against even fiercer enemies. With one against so many, her only chance of success lies with forging alliances among those who serve her enemies—including a mysterious Sith spy and a clever mercenary general. But will they be her adversaries or her salvation?

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