In the Enemy’s Service by Annie Douglass Lima

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4.2 Llamas


I already loved Annie Douglass Lima’s other books, but then I read more of them and fall in love all over again! This is the 2nd book in her Annals of Alasia series but you can read them in any order! (I read them 3rd, 1st, 2nd, and now 4th order and it works just fine.) And I TOTALLY suggest this series to everyone!!!!!

This book is about a girl and doctor enslaved by the enemy kingdom. It is soooooo good and very interesting, but since there is a war going on in the book, there is mentions of bodies…. Lots and lots of bodies… They don’t describe too much, but there are bodies and they are dead. (It’s not that bad to read about, but if you get a little queasy when reading about stuff like that then this might not be the book for you… But you should totally read it anyways!)

Over all, I HIGHLY suggest this book to boys and girls. I say it’s kid-friendly, but maybe 8 and up. And this is a great series for boys as well. (And maybe girls like me!) I hope you all have an amazing day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Amazingness!!!!!!
  • Awesome plot line, adventure and characters!
  • A great book for boys and girls


  • Violence and mentions of bodies

Enslaved when invaders take over Alasia, ten-year-old Anya discovers ways to spy on the enemy and slip information to the resistance. But then she uncovers a disturbing reference to her own family and is confronted by a stranger who seems to know her secrets. Holding her life in his hands, he claims to have proof that Anya’s father was involved in the betrayal that led to the Invasion itself. Can Anya help save her kingdom without putting her father in danger … and can she learn the truth about what happened before it’s too late?

In the Enemy’s Service is the second book in the Annals of Alasia, but the series can be read in any order, and each of the first four books can stand on its own.

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