Just Below the Surface by Lindsay A. Marcum

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3.8 Llamas


Ok I love this book! It is amazing, totally adorable, slightly heartbreaking and sooo sweet!!! I couldn’t put it down, finished it in like 4 hours. (Thanks Holly for such an amazing b-day gift!) It is such a sweet, clean romance perfect for young ladies 15 and up!

This book is about Billie, a young women desperately looking for a well paying job that can help her pay her father’s medical bills. So when a position opens up to work for Merrick Anderson she takes it; ignoring the gossip to get the job. But after awhile, it seems like the rumors were wrong, and under the surface maybe God has a plan for both their lives.

This book was fabulous! All 219 pages of it were GOLD! I loved how clean and sweet the romance was. The focus on trusting God and praying through every trial is so inspiring. And it is like reading the perfect rom-com movie! Picture it with me, successful business man that no one likes hires a bubbly assistant! Sparks fly, drama unfolds and God’s promises are written in such a sweet story that any teen girl would love!

The only thing that you should be aware of is that parts of this book were very sad. I’m talking about full on crying sad. Billie’s father has cancer and it can be hard to read about at some times. (And as a emotional person, I just sobbed through those parts!)

Overall, what a perfectly sweet read! I just loved this book, can’t wait for book 2 and I totally suggest it to girls 15 and up looking for a clean, Christian-friendly read! Later! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Such an amazing read for ladies 15 and up!!!
  • Super clean, super sweet and super fun!
  • Such a sweet romance!


  • Some VERY sad parts…

Working for the stone-cold Merrick Anderson isn’t on Billie Sterling’s list of dream jobs, but it pays well and the benefits are great.

Besides, with her dad battling cancer and overwhelming debt, she’s in no position to be choosy. She’ll do anything to help her father.

While the unkind rumors about Mr. Anderson fly, Billie chooses to stay on as his assistant, believing God has a plan.

Can she break through the stony heart of her employer to find the man she knows is underneath, just below the surface?

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