The Women of Wynton’s: A Classy 1950s Mystery by Donna Mumma

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So I adore this book. I’m completely obsessed! It is super clean, super fun and super mysterious!!! I loved the action, mystery, adventure and hint of romance throughout the novel!

This book is about 4 different women working in the same department store in the 1950’s. Living 4 different lives, they never thought they would get along till some mysterious sabotage starts happening to their beloved boss. Now the hated secretary, the shy house-wife, the beloved bridal consultant and the grumpy waitress must put aside their problems and work together to stop the murder before it’s too late!

This novel was amazing!!! I couldn’t put it down. It was soooo clean and super fun to read! The plot line was so engaging and the characters were soooo interesting! I just LOVED the mystery and adventure. The murders were all very clean, not to much mention of blood and the romance was just hinted her and there.

Now there are some adult topics mentioned in the book. Mention of gossip about the secretary and her boss. (Totally false and not described) Some mention of a girl kissing her boyfriend but knowing better than to go further because that’s how she got 2 ex-husbands. Plus obviously the murders, some mention of poison, gunshots, and fires. The violence is very minimal and totally clean for ladies 16 and up. However, there is mention of people mistreating colored folks. All 4 ladies in the book do not support racial segregation and are extreme against it.

Overall, what an amazing book!!!!!! I’m in love; I’m obsessed and I need to re-read it right now!!!! If you are looking for a clean, fun, historical mystery novel for young ladies 16 and up, I found the book for you 😉 -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A VERY good read for ladies 16 and up!
  • Mystery, adventure and a little bit of romance!!!
  • Action-packed novel!


  • Some mention of adult topics…
  • Some violence…

Get swept away to the glamor of a 1950’s department store where four women’s loyalties, vanity, friendship, and detective skills are put to the test.

Audrey Penault once led a glamorous life as a model but now works as devoted secretary to Mr. Wynton. To her fellow employees, she is too vain and uppity.

Mary Jo Johnson, a wife and mother, longs to find her worth in the cosmetics department, but it may take a while for the shy housewife to discover her voice.

Vivian Sheffield owns and runs the bridal salon within Wynton’s. She is proud of her accomplishments and won’t let anyone take them away.

Gigi Woodard dislikes her job as waitress in the store’s lunchroom, but she is determined not to let her secret shortcomings cause her to lose the position.

These four women have much to dislike about each other, but they unanimously agree that Mr. Wynton is the best of employers and must be protected at all costs from someone who seems determined to see him gone for good. When other employee deaths occur, can the women band together to solve the murders, or will they discover it is one of their own bent on destroying Wynton’s from within?

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