Summer Book List 2024!!!

Happy Summer my Llamaings! That time of year where you get 3 months of hot, sweaty sun with lots of time to play, read, swim and be with your family!!! So I have come up with the top 10 books I am suggesting for a summer book list! Go take a look and maybe you will find a few fun reads for this summer season.

10. Edge of Extinction

This 2 book series is amazing! Think Jurassic Park but for kids, filled with dinos, adventure, action and suspense!!! This series would be so great for boys and girls 8 and up! (But be warned, there is violence, death and dino snacks mentioned…)

9. Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth

Oh my goodness is this book adorable! I love a good, clean (hilarious) novel and this one did not disappoint! If you are looking for a book about a boy and a alien who looks like a dog saving the world together than I found your perfect read! Great for kids 8 and up!

8. Spineless

Can we just appreciate the cover art for a sec… Ok second up! This book is amazing! Definitely one of my new favorite reads! A book about a asthmatic kid dreaming about becoming a scientist is truly inspirational. Not to mention all the jungle dangers and adventures the book also holds! An amazing read for boys and girls 8 and up!

7. The Wild Robot

I adored this book. It’s like a sci-fi Hatchet, about a robot on a deserted island learning how to survive and make friends. It is such a sweet, heartbreaking read that kids 7 and up would love. It’s a boys book, a girls book and a family book. Totally suggest!

6. Linked

Oh my goodness is this book beautiful. Something about a simple chain of paper that represents the souls lost to the Holocaust is truly inspiring… I laughed and cried while reading this book, and it has such a beautiful message of love against hate that this world needs to read right now! Great book for boys and girls 8 and up.

5. Wonder

How to describe perfection? Because this “wonderful” book is truly a masterpiece. (And it’s even a movie now!) This novel about a little boy with a face deformity that has effected his life from the beginning. And now he is finally allowed to go to school; but facing bullies, lies and false friends is harder than he thought. This beautiful, heartwarming novel is such a good read for kids 9 and up!

4. Alone

Another novel that has a Hatchet feel but this one is written for girls 10 and up. About a girl left behind after a national crisis to survive by herself for 3 years. With adventure, action and written in a poem style, this book will leave you pondering it for days! Such a great novel and one I totally suggest!

3. Keeper of the Lost Cities

So… no Young Llama list is complete without my favorite series. (Don’t judge me! My website, my rules!!!) And I can’t stop raving enough about KOTLC!!!!! Talk about an amazing series! With 10 books, a graphic novel and a new one later this year; these 600+ paged books are some of my favorite reads ever!!! This series is soooo good for kids 9 and up! Looking for a fantasy book with adventure, action (a little bit of violence) and some romance? This series is the one for you!

2. The Wingfeather Saga

Are you ready for a Christian kids series filled with adventure, monsters and dragons?!?! No? Too bad!!! This series is too good not to rant about! Boys would love it, girls would love it and families would love it! A book about 3 siblings who are the lost rulers of a kingdom overthrown by monsters is truly amazing! Totally suggest the 5 books, plus the TV show. (Prepare for violence though!)

And my number one pick for your summer of 2024!!!…

1. The Search for Wondla

I found this absolutely amazing series by accident and now I will never be the same. Such a good 10 and up sci-fi series that is absolutely filled with amazing aliens, loads of adventure, tons of suspense/mystery and a great focus on unity and family! I ADORE this series and can’t stop raving about it! Prepare yourself for a world like never before filled with violence, action and sci-fi awesomeness!!!!!

I hope this list helps you all find some great summer reads! Go check out the reviews on YoungLlama to get a closer look at my book picks! Happy reading!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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