New Prayer Journals!!!!

Hi everyone! I have been VERY busy the last few days but I wanted to stop by and tell you something awesome! I got more FREE BOOKS!!!! Well, devotionals but that is REALLY COOL!!!! Cause I have been NEEDING a good devotional for a while. I have one about overcoming fear and I will post it when I’m done, if anybody’s interested.

CJ and Shelley Hitz from Body and Soul Publishing sent me THREE of their devotionals. ‘The Gratitude Journal’, ‘A Heart for Prayer’ (Which I am soooooo reading!) and ‘Prayers of Gratitude’. All 3 of them are 21 day long devotionals and I already can tell they will be good! If you are interested in getting a good devotional I am already suggesting these ones. (I am a VERY good book-cover-judge)

I hope you all have a good day, and order some new devotionals soon! “And THANK YOU CJ AND SHELLEY!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!” -The Young Llama Reader.

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