Playing Cupid: A Wish Novel by Jenny Meyerhoff

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  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.1 Llamas


This is such a sweet read for girls 8 and up! Books by Wish and Mix are (usually) very clean and great for kids, and this book is a great one for girls!

This book is about a girl who is great at finding everyone their perfect match. When her school begins the business project week, Clara comes up with the great idea to start a Matchmaking Business! But then trouble starts to come up. Between lying to her dad, juggling matches for school and finding notes from a secret admirer, Clara’s life just got a bit crazier…

This was such a sweet read. The novel was very clean, perfect for girls 8 and up. This book is simply about a girl making matches at school and finding her secret crush. There isn’t anything inappropriate or wrong about the book, and I think kids would love this novel. In fact a bunch of the books by Wish and Mix are super clean for kids and teens.

Overall, this is such a sweet short book for girls 8 and up looking for a fun read! I totally suggest this novel and hope you all have a snowy, spring day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A very cute book about crushes and being yourself!
  • A great read for girls 8 and up!


  • Mentions of lying…

A modern-day matchmaking story! Clara Martinez knows what it takes to make a good match.

So when her school assigns a project to create a business, Clara decides to start a matchmaking service.

But things get complicated when Clara starts receiving mysterious notes and sweet gifts in her locker. Clara has a secret admirer! But she has no clue who it could be…

Despite being a love expert for her friends, Clara’s a total novice when it comes to her own love life, and truth be told, it all sort of scares her.

Can Cupid Clara gather the courage to fall in crush?

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