Cinderella’s Dress (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series) by Shonna Slayton

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4.1 Llamas


This book is the start of the Fairy-Tale Inheritance Series and it is sooooo good! (And this is the book I thought I wouldn’t like as much! It is equally as good as the others.)

This novel is about Kate, a young women in 1944 just trying to do her part for the war. However, she doesn’t want to do her part on a runway stage as a model; much to her mother’s dismay, she wants to design windows in a department store. But her dreams always seem to be out of reach. That is until she finds a secret dress her relatives from war-torn Poland have hidden for centuries. In it, the most beautiful gown she has ever seen. But it must be kept hidden from everyone, except it might be the perfect piece for her window! Could Kate’s dream come true after all?…

This book was fantastic!!! I loved the story line, the characters were amazing and magical dresses were so interesting! The mystery was perfection!!!!!! This book would be soooo good for young girls 14 and up who love a good magical adventure set in the 1940’s!

Now there is some violence mentioned in the book. Mention of war, Hitler, people dying, going missing and such. As well as mention of a man who paints prosthetics for soldiers. Nothing is explained or detailed, however it is brought up. There is also mention of dementia and how it effects people.

Overall, this book is perfection. I loved it, I totally suggest it and I can’t wait to read Cinderella’s Shoes!!!!! Later Llamas! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A very good read for girls 14 and up!
  • Funny, humorous and totally fabulous!!!
  • A perfect midnight read! 😉


  • Some violence and mention of war…

On the home front in 1944, Kate wants to do her part for the war effort. She’d prefer filling in for the window dressers at the New York department store where she works, but her mother insists on sending her to audition for roles she never gets.

When relatives arrive from war-torn Poland with a mysterious steamer trunk and an even more mysterious story, her life is about to hit center stage.

Kate’s elderly aunt claims she is the keeper of the wardrobe for Cinderella’s family–the real Cinderella. Her responsibility is to keep the dress safe and now she wants Kate’s help. But the war has taken a toll on Kate’s aunt and nothing is as it seems.

While navigating family and first love, Kate will have to uncover layers of family secrets as her own secrets stack up.

Will she get to the truth before it’s forgotten?

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