Beauty’s Rose (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series) by Shonna Slayton

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This series is amazing! It’s fun, romantic, filled with adventure and magic; and I just love these books! I love how the fairy-tales are rewritten to be passed down in different historical eras! It’s sooo fun!

This book is about Margot, a girl who loves to read and adores fairy-tales. So when her aunt invites her to stay in Chapais, France for a magical vacation she says yes! Dreaming of all the mystical things in store for her, Margot wasn’t excepting a real live beast stalking her dreams, fairies trying to reverse a curse, or the very handsome boy who seems to want nothing to do with her. Now it is up to her to break the curse and save the prince…

What a cute book! Now it wasn’t as good as the Little Mermaid one, (that novel is still my favorite!) but this book is full of surprises. It’s sweet, has a great storyline and a very cute romance. There is some action and adventure in the book as well. Plus the girl works in a bookstore! This novel would be a great read for girls 16 and up!

Now there is some violence in the book. Mention of blood and getting hurt. Plus hints of magic and mentions of curses. You know the Tale as Old as Time? If a girl can’t fall in love with the beast he stays a beast forever and goes a little crazy. So there is magic mentioned, but it’s very clean and nothing voo-dooy.

Overall, this book is fantastic! It is sweet, funny and romantic. I totally suggest this series to girls 16 and up looking for a new spin on the fairy-tale classics! Have a beautiful day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A great romantic read for teens 16 and up!!!
  • Sweet, humorous and full of magic!


  • Mention of blood and some violence…
  • Magic and curses…

A boy destined to become a beast…
And a girl determined to save him.

Margot’s been invited to the medieval town of Chapais, France for a reunion of the town’s descendants. She plans to stay with her aunt, who lives above the family bookshop inside the ancient walled city.

Little does she know that three fairies have called her there to help a beastly teenage boy break the curse that has plagued his family for generations.

Proud and arrogant, the boy pushes everyone away until Margot finds a way to reach him.

But when they get close to breaking the curse, the romantic summer turns into a nightmare.

Can they set the beast free before it’s too late?

Beauty’s Rose is the latest installment in the Fairy-tale Inheritance Series of historical fairy tales. Set in the 1980s, it is inspired by the 1756 version of Beauty and the Beast by French novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont and is a stand alone novel.

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