Amanda: A Contemporary Retelling of Emma (The Jane Austen Series) by Debra White Smith

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Ok, I am not a Classic’s kind-of reader, (mostly because I can’t seem to understand the books) so this retelling is AMAZING! I totally did not think this book was going to be this good!

This book is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma. Amanda is quite the matchmaker… in her own mind, so when her best friend needs to find her perfect one Amanda steps in the find him. But Nate her long time friend thinks she might be stepping in a place she doesn’t belong. And as chaos brews from the mess she has made, can Amanda fix her mistakes before her loses the 1 friend she holds dear to her heart?

This book was amazing. I watched Emma awhile back and really enjoyed the story, (Though I wanted to slap the girl a few times) so when I got this book I was expecting the same story. And though the plot line is the same the story is very different.

Set in modern times, Amanda lives in Australia where the story takes place. There are phones, running water and electricity but with all the same characters! The book is amazing! I loved this rewrite and I’m totally getting the rest.

Though much like the original stories these aren’t really kids books. Although there is no inappropriate stuff the books are more for adults than kids and teens. (I would say 16 and up.) There is plenty of humor and drama in the book just like the original story.

Over all, what a great series!!!!!! I am getting the rest of the rewrites and can’t wait to review them soon!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A beautiful retelling of Emma!
  • Perfect for classic lovers!!!!!!


  • An adult book not really for kids…
Amanda: A Contemporary Retelling of Emma

A bit of a busybody, Amanda always has her friends’ best interests at heart. She prides herself on her matchmaking skills . . . but when nothing seems to be going according to plan on the beautiful island of Tasmania, can she learn to listen to her own heart?

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