Broken Trust: Mission 3: Alaska (The Mission League) by Jill Williamson

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  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
3.9 Llamas


I have been really enjoying these Mission League books. There is action, suspense, mystery, adventure and the series shows how to deal with temptation and worldly problems very well. This book would be a great read for boys 16 and up looking for a fun, Christian, spy adventure!

This book is about Spencer. An everyday average teenager except for the part where he is part of a Christian Spy Organization. With visions from God and problems from a cult that is hunting him down, Spencer isn’t exactly certain what is in store for him, but it can’t be good! And with the mission to Alaska coming up, it certainly won’t be easy…

This series is just amazing! I love the adventure, mystery and action! It keeps you on your toes and has you reading to the very last page! The books also are soooo clean. Yes there is mention of being tempted and falling off the straight and narrow path; but there is also a great focus on forgiveness and saying no to the world and yes to God. I seriously think this series would be a great read for boys and girls 16 and up looking for a fun spy read!

Now there is some violence in the book, along with some adult topics. Mention of guns, knifes, blood. Some mention of kissing/making out, as well as hints of doing more… None of it is really described, mostly mentioned in passing, however it is in the book so be warned. And this book is a survival kind-of book, so mention of hunting and such as well. (Nothing too graphic though, just mention of finding food.)

Overall, this series is amazing! I love this book and I love this series!!!! If you are looking for a fun, clean, adventurous, Christian book, this is the one for you!!!!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing read for boys 16 and up!
  • Christina-friendly and filled with action and adventure!!!!


  • Some violence and mention of death…
  • Adult topics mentioned…

In the midst of training for the outdoor survival trip to Alaska, Spencer is distracted by a mysterious young woman—Nick’s new girlfriend.

He’s not just wondering how someone that gorgeous would waste her time on a jerk like Nick, he recognizes this girl from her bit part in one of the cultish Jolt movies he’s been investigating.

She’s up to something, and Spencer is determined to find out what. As he gets closer to the truth, it becomes harder to know who to trust.

Things are getting dangerous. Can Spencer figure out what’s going on, or will this mystery leave him M.I.A?

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