Project Gemini: Mission 2: Okinawa (The Mission League)

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3.9 Llamas


Ok, I love this series. It’s funny, interesting, adventurous and has a great focus on God! This series is just seriously amazing! I think it would be a great read for boys 16 and up, as well as girls 16 and up who love a good spy book. (Though I will say I haven’t read book 1.5 yet. Turns out those mini novels are important to the story!!!)

This book is about Spencer, a normal teenager, except of course that he is in a special secret Christian spy organization. And now he is headed to Japan on another Mission League project. While there, Spencer begins tracking a cult, looking out for his friends and staying out of danger while he’s there. Easier said than done right?

This series is just soooo good! There is action, suspense, adventure and lots of focus on praying and relying on God in difficult situations. I really think these books would be great for teens 16 and up who are looking for a good, clean and interesting spy novel. There is mentions of demons in the series. But God always wins.

Now, this book does have some mention of adult topics. The topics are never really described into detail, however they are mentioned repeatedly throughout the novel. There is mention of people making out, (rather grossly, though it is not described except for “sucking faces”) mention of the word ‘ex, and mentions of boys checking girls out. Also the book was some violence, people get shot, stabbed, there are mentions of drugs and alcohol. (Some blood) Plus mention of a movie series a lot of the kids in the books like where a girl in “adult underwear” hunts demons down with a knife and a can of holy water… Yeah it’s weird… However, I think these topics are in the book to show how teens are tempted and to help us rise above this kind-of stuff. (Also none of this is overly described. Only mentioned a few times.)

Overall, I really like this series. And I love how even though a Christian spy organization sounds goofy, the books do talk about real life problems that teens face and how to overcome them. If you are looking for a really interesting read for boys and girls 16 and up, this might be the series for you! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A amazing spy read for Christians!!!
  • A great book for boys 16 and up!


  • Mention of adult topics…
  • Violence mentioned a lot…

After an exhausting school year, Spencer is thrilled to discover that the summer training mission will take him and his fellow agents-in-training to Okinawa, a tropical paradise.

But there’s little time for R & R as Spencer must attend school, volunteer at a local martial arts training facility, and track and report a mysterious girl named Keiko. Spencer thinks he knows exactly what to do, but the more he discovers about Keiko, the more questions he has.

All he really wants to do is protect Keiko from her ex-boyfriend and stay out of trouble, but where Spencer Garmond is concerned, trouble is never far away.

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