The Camelot Code: The Once and Future Geek by Mari Mancusi

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4.2 Llamas


This was a pretty good book, but there were some parts that I wasn’t so sure about. Now, a lot of magic in books is kid-friendly, but every now and then there comes along some book where I can’t really explain the magic… Like this one.

I really liked the book, it’s about King Arthur traveling to the future and it was AWESOME!!!! The only thing that was weird was the Morgana lady. She’s like a witch/wizard lady who does spells and apparently, can heal herself from sword wounds in the back… (The book said, “Her lifeless body floated of the ground”…I would call that pretty weird!) But there wasn’t any voodoo like magic, and other than Morgana and her priestess’ (Which are basically some fancy name for witch/wizard ladies in training) the book was sooooo COOL!!!!!

Over all, I liked the book and it is kid-friendly; but there is lots of magic in it, so… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Hahaha… Sorry…I really wanted to do that… Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • LOVE the plot line!
  • AWESOME!!!!
  • Kid-friendly


  • There is a LOT of weird magic stuff
  • And the Morgana lady is REALLY weird…

When young Arthur of Camelot accidentally time-travels to the 21st century and Googles himself, he discovers the not-so-happily ever after in store for him once he pulls the sword from the stone. Yes, he’ll go from squire to sovereign basically overnight, but he’ll also lose the love of his life to his best friend and eventually die in battle. What’s a once-and-future king to do? Easy: stay in the future, where he’ll actually have a future-and join the football team instead.

Now, with the help of the great wizard Merlin, modern-day gamer-geeks Sophie and Stu find themselves in a race against time to get that sword pulled from the stone and the stubborn soon-to-be-king Arthur back to the past where he belongs. Complicating the plan? Lady Morgana-Arthur’s sister and greatest enemy-has traveled to the future as well, determined to take Arthur out and seize the throne. Can Sophie and Stu use their gaming abilities to defeat the evil Morgana and set the timeline right? With the very existence of their friendship, their families, and the world as they know it (including pepperoni pizza!) at stake, they’ll use every skill, power-up, and cheat code they know in their quest to save the day.

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