Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

AHHH!!!!! The Lost in Time Letter subscription is coming to a end and I am kind-of sad but also kind-of really wanting the last letter immediately to see how it ends!!!!!! This is letter 23 and all I have left is letter 24 to read and this series is finished! (And may I just say, if you love history, mail and fiction, you NEED this letter subscription in your life!!!!!)

In letter 23, I got a short story from Chad and Ethan’s point of view, a poster of the Titanic Disaster, a reprint of a newspaper on the Titanic sinking, a reprint of a letter a women sent to her family and a historical fun fact sheet. The short story starts off from Chad’s point of view after learning of the death of his wife, Cordy. Trying to figure out how to continue life without her or his brother, he and his sister-in-law, Aubrey are adjusting to a new normal. The short begins with them heading to the memorial service for those lost on the Titanic. Still grieving, Chad is wondering what to do with Aubrey, since she is still trying to recover after being saved from the Titanic. At the service, Chad meets the women who Cordy gave up her seat for and sees what such a simple act of kindness did for her. After returning home, Chad meets with his uncle and discusses what do to next with their lives. But when his uncle suggests marrying Aubrey to help both of them heal, Chad is horrified at the thought of replacing his wife with her sister. But when he mistakes Aubrey for his wife later that same evening, he realizes that moving on with his life will be harder than he realized when the love and life he had is now gone forever… The letter ends with Chad’s father coming to see him for the first time in a long while. And after hearing the news that Ethan his son is dead along with Cordy, Chad’s wife, Charles Ismay begins the road to make amends with his son, and asks Chad to forgive him for being so foolish and not being with his family. Then the letter ends with Chad telling him all was forgiven a long time ago… (This letter was definitely a much sadder one with Chad trying to figure out how to live without Cordy…)

The next short story is from Ethan’s point of view. Having survived the Titanic with his sister-in-law Cordy, he is trying to get them home safely, but Cordy’s brother Tim, who is supposed to be dead, refuses to release them claiming they will ruin his mission and reveal his identity. After quite the argument, Tim claims the only way for them to be safe is if Ethan claims to be Cordy’s husband and the father of her baby and after a year they can return to their family. The letter ends with Ethan saying he will pay anything to get back to his wife Aubrey and return Cordy to his brother unharmed. But all Tim says in response is, “How much do you got?”.

The last letter in this package is a reprint of a real letter that a Titanic survivor sent to her friend after making it to New York. Explaining the horrors of what she went through, and how she can still hear the screams of the souls lost to the icy waters, Nellie Walcroft ends her short letter saying she will never go on a floating palace again.

Overall, this letter was a sad one with both brothers trying to keep each-others wives safe and figuring out what to do next. But it was a fantastic read! I was totally wrapped up in the story and can’t wait for letter 24!!! And my favorite part of this letter was totally the reprint of the newspaper! I mean its 8 pages of actual readable text all about the sinking of the Titanic!!! How cool is that!?!?! -The Young Llama Reader.

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