Happy 5 Year Anniversary!!!!

Happy 5 Years my Llama friends!!!! Can you believe YoungLlama has been up and running for 5 years now!?!?! With 70+ pages of reviews, and close to 500 books read and reviewed for you I am impressed with myself! Usually I post a new profile pick and talk about why I started this website. It’s like a YoungLlama tradition; however I have never followed the rules before so let’s do something different!

This year for my anniversary I am releasing a Limited Edition Golden Llama Plush! Handmade by your Young Llama Reader truly, these fluffy, yellow 9″ plushies are too cute!!!!! (Seriously I’m obsessed!) They are $25 with $5 shipping, payment via PayPal. And come ready to be cuddled and loved immediately out of the package!

These llamas are Made to Order, so each one is made with you in mind. So go to the link to get your Golden Llama Plush! I hope you all love these lovely llamas! -The Young Llama Reader.

Click Here to Order!

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