Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

Letter 21 of The Lost in Time series… And this is the one people!!!!! This is the one I teared up at and was a bit emotional afterwards. (Can you blame me?!?!) In letter 21, I got a story story, a letter from Cordy to Chad, a SOS telegram from the Titanic, a picture of one of the lifeboats and the music sheet to Nearer My God to Thee, which was the song played as the ship went down to its watery grave.

In the short story, I read from Cordy’s point of view of the last night of the Titanic. It starts off with Cordy at dinner with her family enjoying herself. In the story is explains the beauty of the ship and how she, dining in First Class, got to enjoy seeing all of its wonder firsthand. After she makes it back to her room and falls asleep, she wakes to a sudden disturbance as the ship shudders. Cordy gets up and quietly exits her room to see what is the matter. But once on deck she finds out the horrible truth. The Titanic stuck an iceberg, the boiler room is flooding and the ship is going down… Quickly she wakes up Ethan and Aubrey to warn them, they race up to the top deck to board the lifeboats. But with only enough boats for half of the cruisers, Ethan quickly gets the women on board. Meanwhile Chad has received the SOS telegram the Titanic sent out and on board the Olympic he rushes the ship as fast as it can to the Titanic to save his family. While the ship continues to sink, Cordy rushes people to lifeboats, abandoning her own for someone else. But when she finally gets to the side of the ship to board… there aren’t any left. Finding Ethan she informs him of the problem, but it is too late. The ship is almost under and water quickly reaching them. With the sound of the song Nearer God to Thee ringing in Cordy’s ears, the water drags her and Ethan out in the freezing waters. By the time Chad gets the news he is devastated. With no knowledge if his family is alive, he doesn’t know what to do. As the ship Carpathian picks up the Titanic’s survivors, all he can do is wait and pray; and read the letter Cordy sent to him the day she boarded the Titanic.

In the small letter attached to the story, Cordy tells Chad how much she loves him and how thankful she is for the life they have together. As he reads it, he learns of their child that Cordy is carrying. Devastated at the loss of his new family, Chad waits on the docks of New York to see if his loved ones are alive…

This was definitely a tear-jerker of a letter. With only 3 letters left in this series I am beyond scared/excited to see where this journey goes from here. These letters are sooooo good and I totally suggest them to history lovers. And I can’t wait for letter 22!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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