Everywhere to Hide by Siri Mitchell

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So I adore mysteries! And my mom found me this book, and now I am obsessed. (Thanks mom!) This is one of the coolest mysteries I have ever read and it is totally worth it!!!!! This book is perfect for girls 16 and up who love a good suspense novel!!!!

This book is about a young women trying to pass the bar exam so she can become a lawyer and move on with her life. After escaping from an abusive boyfriend, Whitney thought her troubles were behind her. Till she witnesses a murder and sees the killer… Now she is teamed up with a detective to solve the case, only problem is Whitney has a rare neurological disorder and she can’t physically see faces. So the killer could literally be hiding anywhere and she wouldn’t know…

Wow was this book good!!! It was very clean, little mention of blood and violence but not too described. The suspense was written beautifully and I have already read the book 3 times! The main characters disorder is fascinating and really made the story! I just adore this book now!!!!! (Can you tell I am obsessed?)

Now, I already mentioned that there is violence. People get shot, punched, kicked and attacked. There is mention of murder and blood. (Pool of blood is really the only mention) And this book is 16 and up because of a few adult topics. The girl in the book had an abusive boyfriend and she talks about him a bit. ( Bit of a spoiler! And when the girl is really freaked out she asks her love interest in the book to sleep in the same bed as her so she isn’t alone. NOTHING happens, they just sleep)

Over all, this book is just amazing and I TOTALLY suggest it to girls 16 and up who love a good suspense novel. This is a must read, and now I must go and read it for the 4th time because it is THAT good!!! Later! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An AMAZING mystery!!!
  • Super interesting!!!
  • A fantastic book for girls 16 and up!!!


  • Mention of violence…
  • Adult topics…

How does a woman protect herself from an enemy she can’t see?

Law school graduate Whitney Garrison is a survivor. She admirably deals with her mother’s death, mounting student debt, dwindling job opportunities, an abusive boyfriend, and a rare neurological condition that prevents her from recognizing human faces.

But witnessing a murder might be the crisis she can’t overcome.

The killer has every advantage. Though Whitney saw him, she has no idea what he looks like. He knows where she lives and works. He anticipates her every move. Worst of all, he’s hiding in plain sight and believes she has information he needs. Information worth killing for. Again.

As the hunter drives his prey into a net of terror and international intrigue, Whitney’s only ally, Detective Leo Baroni, is taken off the case. Stripped of all semblance of safety, Whitney must suspect everyone and trust no one—and fight to come out alive.

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