Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

This is letter 8 in the Lost in Time Letters by C. D. Ross. And this one is a bit unique in that it isn’t a letter from Chad to Cordy. This letter is actually from Chad to his father!!! (Which is so cute!)

In this letter Chad writes to his father about how Cordy urged him to try to reach out. And this seems to be the 2nd letter he has written, but the 1st apparently got sent back. Chad talks about how he is so sorry that he didn’t see things from his fathers point of view. That when his mom died he took it out on his father and he is trying to make amends. He talks about how the love he saw between his mother and father has effected how he sees Cordy and how he can’t live without her now. And how he is going to ask to marry her!!! Sooooo cute!!!!!!!

Chad goes on to talk about how his brother Ethan is doing well in his studies. And how the wedding bells may ring for him and Cordy’s sister, Aubrey soon! Ethan is apparently trying to finish his studies quickly, because he is hoping for a honeymoon aboard the Titanic… Which we all know how that’s gonna end… To end the letter Chad tells his father that he forgives him and understands the grief he was going through. And says that he is hoping to see him at Cordy and his wedding. (Which is just too cute!!!!!!) I mean this letter was just plain adorable!

Along with this letter, I also got a menu for the Titanic, plus some recipes that were actually served on the ship! Overall, this letter was one of my favorites and I yet again totally suggest this letter subscription to girls who love getting stuff in the mail! Adios! -The Young Llama Reader.

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