How to Judge a Book by it’s Cover!

Ok, so I know. You’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover… But, in our modern day world I judge EVERY book by it’s cover!!!!

This world is not a save place for those who only read clean books. I just picked up a book the other day, and it was SOOOOOOO inappropriate… I was NOT happy and told my mom who said not to read any more books by that author. And now I feel like I have to talk about this.

Every book cover has a small clue to whats inside. I don’t really know how to describe it; but I get a “feeling” about which book is good and which isn’t. Obviously, books were people are semi-undressed. (Bad!) Weird magic on the front, wizards, witches. (Bad!) Anime, manga. (I will stand by my statement, always BAD!) Skulls, blood, weapons covered in blood. (Probably bad…)  Anything related to horror. (ALWAYS BAD!!!) But some books are harder to tell. Kids books especially. So I suggest ALWAYS looking up the book and finding a review on it. (Not that doesn’t mean it won’t tell you all the secrets in the book. But you might get a small idea or warning.)

I really hope this will help you in the future, and may you all have a great day!

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