J.R. Silver Writes Her World by Melissa Dassori

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4.3 Llamas


Ok, can we just talk about the cover for a minute?!?! As a reader, and an artist, I really look at the cover of a book before I read it. (And it is also how I judge a book to see if its good) And this cover did not disappoint!!! It is beautiful!!!!!

This book is about a young girl who is losing her best friend and trying to figure out how to get her back. But when she gets a new teacher weird things start happening when she writes her stories for class. Every thing she writes about in class starts coming true! But with every story she writes, something bad happens as well…

This book was sooooo cute! I loved the hint of magic in it, the plot line and the story arch. The “magic” in the book is from these old Gothamite magazines. It isn’t voo-doo or anything. Just simple magical magazines. (Just like the way books used to be. Nothing creepy or weird, there was just a magical story with fun easy-going characters and a problem that needed to be fixed. Now every book has a hidden motive…)

However, no book is perfect. I was enjoying the book and loving every second of it then… LGBT alert… (I have to say this every time because people freak out.) I do not dislike LGBT people. But I am a Apostolic Pentecostal Christian. I do not agree with it nor do I support it. So when it is sneaked into kid books, I do complain and warn people. On page 225 there is mention of 2 women sitting on a bench on a magazine cover. (Backstory, the girl is writing a haiku where 2 women want to get a dog for their daughter.) Literally this book was 3 words away from getting a Golden Llama. But it’s only 3 words!!! And there is an easy way to fix it. Get a white gel pen and a normal black pen. Change ‘their’ to ‘her’ daughter on page 225. And the haiku on page 226, change ‘wife’ to ‘friend’ and ‘their’ to ‘her’. See easy! (I do it all the time, you barely notice it!)

Over all, this is a VERY good book and I totally suggest it even with the 3 words. I just cross them out and make them new. I hope you all have a nice day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A adorable book perfect for kids!!!!
  • Very clean!!!!
  • With a twist of magic!!!!!!


  • LGBT alert…

What if you could write your dreams into reality with the stroke of a pen?

Sixth grade is off to a difficult start for Josephine Rose Silver. Her best friend, Violet, returns from camp with a new best friend; her parents refuse to grant her more independence; and her homeroom teacher, Ms. Kline, is full of secrets. When Ms. Kline unveils a collection of old Gothamite magazines and tells her students to build their writing skills by crafting short stories inspired by the iconic covers, J.R. discovers a peculiar power: The stories she writes come true. Soon J.R. is getting a cell phone, scoring game-winning goals, and triggering school cancellations. But it’s not long before she realizes that each new story creates as many conflicts as it does solutions. And when J.R. tries to write about her fallout with Violet, all of her problems converge.

With a pinch of magic, mystery, art history, and language arts woven into a journey of growth and self-confidence, this promising debut is a heartfelt and satisfying tribute to the power of words.

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