Check out this Awesome Letter Subscription by C. D. Ross!!!!!

Ok, ok, ok!!!! One of my favorite authors, (who I actually know!!!) is doing something awesome!!!!!!!
C. D. Ross, who wrote an Outlaws Redemption and The Queen: A Modern Day Esther Story is starting a very special subscription were you get 2 letters every month of a historical story written like letters!!!!!
Your not just reading the story, you are reading letters, getting tickets and photos to go along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m freaking out a little😆)
I just received my first letter in the most beautiful blue envelope with the sweetest love letter set in 1911. I got a dance card, photograph and a fun fact letter explaining were she got her inspiration from.
And I still get more!!!!!!!!!!! “AHHHHHH!!!” I love this idea. It is genius and so worth it!!!!!!
It is $20 a month for 2 letters and you get them for an entire year. (Or make one time payment $200) I totally suggest these letters to girls and young ladies you love historical goodies and sweet letters full of history!!!!! (And to those ladies who like to get mail… Aka my mom and I!)
I can not wait for my other letters and I will be reviewing each one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! – The Young Llama Reader.
(Link to C. D. Ross’ Facebook page)

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