Happy Summer Everyone!!!

Guys it’s SUMMER!!!… ish, Summer-ish. And that means my annual Young Llama Summer Book List is coming out!!! Exciting stuff! (At least for me…)

Now, some of you may be asking, “Summer book list? What’s so special about that?”. Well I’m glad you asked! (Of course you actually didn’t but that doesn’t matter 😉 ) I am aware that lots of libraries and schools do summer book lists. However, mine is unique because every book on my list has been reviewed by yours truly so you will know exactly what’s in these marvelous reads!!!

There is no hidden agenda, there are no inappropriate novels, and every book has a review to inform you if it has cruse words, violence and more. So come back on Monday June 3rd to find out my top 10 book picks for summer 2024!!! And may you all a Blessed first day of June! -The Young Llama Reader.

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